February 6, 2023

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Red Flames don't have to work hard to pack defenseless Albania into the World Cup preliminary round |  red flame

Red Flames don’t have to work hard to pack defenseless Albania into the World Cup preliminary round | red flame



As expected, Belgian women’s football did not waste many words on its Albanian teammates in the World Cup qualifiers. Albania held out at home for more than half an hour, but then the fence was raised. And plays the red flame again on Tuesday in Kosovo.

Match details


  • 37′ de Signe 0-1
  • 39′ walart 0-2
  • 43′ de Signe 0-3
  • 56′ Wullaert 0-4
  • 79′ flower 0-5

Red Flames go after starting a search in and above Albania

The Red Flames started the match very tough. The possession was for the Belgians, but the pace was too slow. Result: In the first 30 minutes, Flames couldn’t put together any combos.

The best chance came from Albania. And the Belgian defense lost after Laura Deleuze’s dangerous loss of the ball.

In the 37th minute, Tyne de Kinney put 0-1 on the scoreboard with a good header. Suddenly the tap started: 3 goals in 6 minutes. Tessa Woolaert made it 0-2 after two minutes. Shortly before the end of the first half, De Kenny scored 0-3.

Albanian house collapsed out of paper

After the break, the Belgians looked for more goals. Wallart, who once again played a strong game, gratefully accepted a gift from the Albanian goalkeeper and smoothly tapped the ball.

In the last quarter Albania completely collapsed. New understudy Jasina Bloom managed to score the final score.

Thanks to this convincing victory, the Belgians are still in that important second place in the group. And the Norwegian captain, who won 5-1 tonight, is still within reach by three points. The second World Cup qualifier next April will follow against Kosovo on Tuesday.

Cernels: “We are proud that we were patient”

  • Tessa Walert: “In Belgium, Albania played much higher and we could easily get past it. It was different here. We knew they couldn’t continue.”
  • Tyne D Kinney: “It was difficult to play football, because Albania withdrew en masse to their own half. It took a while to find the first goal. After that things went smoothly. I expect a similar match against Kosovo on Tuesday.”
  • Eves Cernells (national coach): “We didn’t start quite as well as we had hoped, but things improved after the opening goal. I’m proud that we were patient and didn’t force them. Once we went down 0-1, we grabbed them by the scruff. There were still some good moves in the second half, as the substitutions showed themselves.”
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