May 24, 2024

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Red Flames Wipe the Ground with Albania: Tessa Wallart VI...

Red Flames Wipe the Ground with Albania: Tessa Wallart VI…


Tessa Walert (28 years old) had a celebratory evening for her 100th cap. As expected, Red Flames (FIFA-19) easily won the World Cup qualifiers Albania (FIFA-75) and thus corrected their slips somewhat against Poland (FIFA-29). last Friday. The Belgians won, among other things, thanks to assists and a goal from Wullaert with a score of 7-0.

Valerie Van Avermaet

Tessa Woolaert completed a serious showdown against Albania with 100 caps. So the Red Flames captain was honored just before kick-off at King Baudouin Stadium. The 28-year-old striker also played football with the Flames in front of the public for the first time since Corona, about 4,500 fans went to Heysel. The anniversary and the fans inspired the rest of the squad to make it a truly celebratory night and did better than Friday’s disappointing 1-1 draw against Poland.

The difference in level with the Albanian national team was clear from the first minute. Wallart immediately missed a huge opportunity. Five minutes later, Cayman showed how this should be done. The Red Flames continued to take advantage of the space in Albania’s defense, and they came up with one big opportunity after another. In the first half it was about ten goals to zero in favor of the Belgians, only this was not visible on the scoreboard.

Masked 8-0

Only De Caigny’s mask at first seemed really on edge. In the 22nd minute she had already doubled the score, but was reported by a very narrow offside. On a pass from Wullaert, she made it 2-0 in the first half. Although it could easily have been 4 or 5 against zero if the whole team had gotten a better finish.

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In the second half, De Kenny was soon there again to deepen the difference. Once again it was Wullaert who did well and found her former teammate. After 3-0, the Flame took its foot off the accelerator, but that didn’t stop them from scoring more. Bloom scored three more goals and in the 81st minute, Jubilee and Woolaert managed to score her goal. She’s gone wild and has rewarded herself for over ten years for debuting at The Flames on August 20, 2011 with two passes and a goal.

A good match from Wullaert and the rest of the Flames, although few conclusions can be drawn from it. They simply had to beat Albania because winning the group and qualifying directly for the 2023 World Cup in New Zealand and Australia is the ambition. After all, Belgium still has to chase four out of six in Group F, with Norway topping the strongest country on paper (FIFA-12) with full spoils at the moment.

red flame: Odeurs, Philtjens (61′ Iliano), Tysiak, Teulings, De Caigny, Onzia (61′ Vanhaevermaet), Wullaert, Cayman, Vanmechelen (45′ Vande Velde), Biesmans, Vangheluwe

Objectives: Cayman 4′, De Caigny 26′ 49′, Blom 77′ 78′, Wullaert 81′