May 27, 2024

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Red lions suffocate with the former "black monster" in Argentina |  Pro Hockey League

Red lions suffocate with the former “black monster” in Argentina | Pro Hockey League

Do you remember the Olympic hockey final in Rio de Janeiro?

After that, the Red Lions’ loss to Argentina remains a minor shock to our national hockey players.

Today, the Lions once again faced their rival from last year, Argentina, in the Pro Hockey League. Since the loss in Rio, Belgium has always been the leader of the Argentines. but one Walking in the park was not.

Not tonight either. After barely 7 minutes, Alexander Hendricks and his companions shook after an unfortunate goal into the net. But the Lions didn’t have flashbacks to Ryo right away. On the contrary: the goal against us heralded the dominance of the Belgians.

This quickly resulted in a stunning equaliser. For a moment, Lions brought a page from the hockey handbook to life. After a fine combination of Arthur de Slover and Cedric Charlier, the ball was brought neatly in front of goal. There – in the far corner – Sebastien Docker was ready to cash in on the ball. Hockey lesson.

But the great goal was not followed up well in the second half of the match. Deep in their last attack, the Argentine team was surprised by a penalty kick. Maico Casella hit her – two minutes before the clock – at the intersection.

end of the match. Tomorrow is better: at 11 PM the Red Lions will already have a second chance.

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