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Remco Evenepoel also eats Gullegem Koerse as a snack on |  Gulghim cycle 2022

Remco Evenepoel also eats Gullegem Koerse as a snack on | Gulghim cycle 2022

Guljim Course

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your location 2 pm: Goljum – 5.40 pm: Golghim


Remco Evenepoel fully occupied his favorite role in Gullegem Koerse. The Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl rider single-handedly sprinted 10km from the finish and then successfully completed his time trial. For Evenepoel, this is already his fourth victory this week after his triple victories in Norway. Also on the stage of the exhibition: Weemaes and Van Grieken.

Watch Gullegem Koerse live here

  1. 17 hours 38. In the race for second place, the Weemaes easily takes the lead. Third on the podium, Vanuken is a strongman of the young West Flemish. †
  2. 17h 37. Evenepoel wins. 200 meters from the end, Evenbpool now dares to cheer. He took his fourth win in seven racing days here at Gullegem. So there should be no doubt about its shape. †
  3. under the rag. He could already start the celebration, but he’s still fully driving for now. When do you dare to chant? † 17 h 36.
  4. 17 Hours 32. It might just be a fairground race, and a bit of a mandatory number to please the sponsors, but Evenepoel certainly didn’t throw his patch on him today. The losers will soon have to admit that the best have won. †
  5. 17 hours 29. The last 5 kilometres. On the long straight stone road, we don’t see anyone appearing in the background. He says a lot about Evenpool’s progress over his disbelievers. Five kilometers from the finish, he has already won. & nbsp; †
  6. 17 h 26. Evenbowl takes off in its own familiar style. If he stuck to that, we can’t help but say he’s more than deserved. He was the most active runner from the start. †
  7. 17 hours 25. Strong Remco Evenepoel shoots like a spear 11 km from the finish.

    Powerful Remco Evenepoel takes off like a spear 11 km from the end

  8. 5 p.m. 24. Evenepoel alone. Was the battle over? Evenepoel is about 100m ahead of the others at the start of the last lap. The crowd-favorite game begins with a final 9 kilometer trial. †
  9. 17 Hour 23. Evenepoel with bolt. Evenepoel breaks away from the leading group. He’s obviously pedaling today. Nobody has an answer right away. Weemaes tries to correct in the second case. †
  10. 17 hours 19. We head for the last 10 km. For now, they’re spinning around with six to secure their progress. When do they start speculating? †
  11. 1’02”. With two rounds left, it looks like the other rounds have been disqualified. They’re already up at over 1 minute.. 17 hours 14.
  12. 5 p.m. 10. Fast guys in the lead. Evenepoel may have worked his sprint, but if he takes these guys to the finish line, he’ll likely be beaten. Weemaes is a hangover and Van Groet also has a good run. Curious to see what plan others come up with. †
  13. 17 Hour 05. 6 riders including Evenepoel blasted away from the leading group.

    6 contestants including Evenepoel walk away from the leading group

  14. 17 Hours 03. The six frontrunners are Van Avermaet, Levins, Evenbühl, Wemais, Van Greiken and Lyons. Chasers are already behind this beautiful group. †
  15. 17 Hours 01. 6 runners up front. Two other riders managed to close the gap. So, there are six of us up front. Is there definitely: Evenepoel and Livyns. †
  16. 4 pm 57. Are you lucky for the third time for Rymco? In Quick-Step they try it differently. Stijn first turns on the Steels and when he’s captured, Evenepoel leaves. Smart appearance. Three passengers managed to slip. †
  17. 16 hours 46. Evenepoel attacks started the final match. In the leading group they look more and more at each other. Obviously, there were still knights feeling the urge to attack. †
  18. 3’15”. For those still doubting: The winner is up front. The peloton is now over 3 minutes. 16 hours 44.
  19. 4 pm 43. Remco again. Evenepoel is looking forward to it. It was answered by Van Avermaet, and this time it is Levins who renders his attempt harmless. You see Remco swear internally that there are no altimeters on the course. †
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