May 30, 2024

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Research on opportunities for the horticultural business community in the United States

Research on opportunities for the horticultural business community in the United States

Consulting firm Hillenraad conducts market research to identify opportunities for Dutch companies in the horticulture chain in the United States (US).

This research focuses on six US states along the East Coast: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Georgia. These are not the most obvious horticultural states. However, large planters are also active in this part of the United States. Hillenraad explores what Dutch horticultural organizations can do in the mentioned states and how local cooperation can be achieved.

Clients for the research include development company Innovation Quarter, interested Rotterdam Partners and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Consulting firm Hillenrad announced that a report with the research findings would be published before the summer.

Making connections with American horticulture

In addition to opportunities in the US, the research also maps which Dutch companies have plans or ambitions for foreign operations. It should provide insight into the opportunities and barriers experienced by entrepreneurs. Hillenrad's International Research Group conducts research on location in the United States and makes connections with American horticulture.

Many horticultural companies, such as growers or suppliers operating in the US, have already expressed interest in the new possibilities. Additionally, there are connections with innovative companies with ambitions in the US. According to Hillenraad, other entrepreneurs can also sign up to participate in the survey to gain insight into their own opportunities in the six states mentioned.

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