March 4, 2024

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Revealing the GTA 6 trailer, which has been beautifully recreated in GTA V

Revealing the GTA 6 trailer, which has been beautifully recreated in GTA V

At the beginning of this month, Rockstar Games released the trailer for GTA 6, the game that fans have been waiting for for more than 10 years.

Within 24 hours, the trailer became the most viewed game trailer ever in video game history on YouTube. The hype is huge, but we still have to be patient for a while, since the release will not take place until 2025. So there is a possibility that we will have to wait several months, and maybe even a year, until the second trailer for GTA 6 is shown.

However, we can see the GTA 6 trailer again, but it was completely produced in GTA V. YouTube user RavenwestR1 recreated all the scenes from the GTA 6 trailer, but in the current game GTA V. He handled certain parts very creatively . The difference in graphics between GTA 6 and GTA V can also be clearly seen in the trailer below.

GTA 6 takes place in the modern city of Vice City. The game features a beautiful open world with a lot of attention to small details. GTA 6 has two main characters instead of three as in GTA V. The male protagonist is called Jason and the female is named Lucia. The two appear to be in a romantic relationship and perform robberies together in Vice City. In some of the photos, Lucia wears a knee brace used by police to monitor criminals.

GTA 6 is scheduled to be released in 2025 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series

You can purchase the next-gen enhanced version of GTA V here.

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