April 16, 2024

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Review: Trust GXT 255+ Onyx

Review: Trust GXT 255+ Onyx

At NWTV we often review tools that are of course also useful to us outside of work, but with Trust GXT 255+ Onyx we tested something that we can also run well as a website. With our weekly podcast, there is always a need for good sound quality and the question is whether this microphone can really provide it?

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a microphone is the recording quality. Since we have our own podcast at NWTV, this is a great platform to test out. Especially because we record podcasts with hosts, so you have a comparison right away. Not only by the way, but also by listeners. We and our listeners hear a clear difference. The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx delivers high-quality recording and audio, even when you’re sitting in your game room, as if you were working with professional equipment.

Communication is also simple. There is no need for additional software when connected to your computer and you can actually control everything on the microphone itself, including volume and even mute it if you want. This makes it nice and easy to use. The microphone also has a colored ring that can change color. By default, it’s green when it’s on and red when it’s muted. Nice of course when you’re recording on the camera, but also practical when you forget you’ve turned off the microphone.

The only thing we initially struggled with with the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx was the arm it sits on. On the one hand, a really nice accessory. It looks very stylish, ensures that the cable is neatly hidden, and also provides two USB connections for connecting a headset, for example. On the other hand, it’s not always smooth, although it gets better the more we use the lever.

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The question is, of course, whether the Trust GXT 255+ Onyx is also worth its price? It costs about 200 euros, which is quite expensive for a microphone. For a cheaper price you can choose among many other microphones, the quality of which we do not know in many cases. If you have little money, it is worth at least considering taking it.

The Trust GXT 255+ Onyx might be a little pricey, but it’s a microphone you know what you’re getting: powerful sound, elegant looks, and easy control and connectivity. So this device really has an added value when you go for gaming, streaming or podcasting.