July 22, 2024

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RIVM launches city water quality inspection

RIVM launches city water quality inspection

If you would like to learn about the microbiological hazards of a water fountain or playground in the built environment, you can now perform a water quality check online. This new tool was introduced by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment. The check is for municipalities and water boards, among others.

Water in a city or village can contain bacteria or viruses as a result of waste, dog feces or insects, for example. People can get sick from it. It’s usually not dangerous, but sometimes it is. with internet Water quality check To check if the water is contaminated. Immediately follow advice on reducing health risks.

Urban Water Concepts Tool
The tool was developed for urban water concepts: built facilities that are – temporarily or otherwise – filled with water and where decoration, recreation or climate adaptation is critical. Often there is a mixture of green. The current version of the water quality check focuses solely on fountains, water playgrounds, wading pools, and cheaters. Later, other concepts of water, such as valleys, will be added.

The water quality examination consists of two parts: a questionnaire to map the microbiological hazards of the concept of water and a unit of calculation for simple microbiological hazard estimates. The unit can be used to count the number of people at risk of infection if they are exposed to water. According to RIVM, health risks can often be reduced through practical modifications to water concept design or measures during construction or management.

Dedicated to municipalities and water boards, among others
The examination is intended for all parties involved in the design, construction and management of water concepts. This includes designers, municipalities, water boards, environmental services, counties, and municipal health services.

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