May 26, 2024

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Rock Werchter.  The only reason for Sophie Tucker’s existence is hype

Rock Werchter. The only reason for Sophie Tucker’s existence is hype

© Stefan Timmermann-Achnico.

Ashnikko has blue hair, bleached eyebrows, a toe fetish and an affair with Arlo Parks, and wears knee pads, she says.Feminist sad girl, bubblegum poo musicIt comes with titles like Clitoris! The Musical vows, at its greatest success, to descend upon your sweetheart into her very own chair. Are you no longer with us? Hip hip, hooray!

We eagerly add to the already grand confusion: paper-throated trees on the KluB C stage, cheerleaders for the backing dancers (Patience and Lexi) writhing on the floor, nearing orgasmic, waving blue owls and the music hopping in all directions. From Edvard Grieg’s winking ‘Halloweenie IV’ to Grimes’ somewhat irresistible collaboration ‘Cry’: Live content is nothing, atmosphere top woppie.

Ashneko is a feast of contradictions. A rebel who aims for authenticity and puts her program almost entirely on tape. An Elliott Smith fan who also loves Skrillex beats. A futuristic forest elf who identifies herself as “painfully shy,” yet she’s made the floor of a boxed KluB C shake.

A blue light she called her “heart” burned across her chest. Explanation: “Last week I walked through the woods in a mushroom hat. My whole body sparkled. I took off my clothes and stood naked in the moonlight. There I went to a beautiful tree and said, “Thank you for everything you do!” Then our hearts were bound together. The roots absorbed me and the ants struggled under my skin. Only worms live in my brain now.

Are you still with us? Hip hip, hooray! (vvp)