June 24, 2024

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Roden finds an escape clause against WVV, which causes him to forfeit a title opportunity

Roden finds an escape clause against WVV, which causes him to forfeit a title opportunity

Rodin could extend his stay in the top flight with a hard-fought 2-1 victory over WVV, which saw the last championship chance build up.

Last week, Roden lost to Germanicus in the back and suddenly panic reigned in Isdorp in Drenthe. The specter of degradation lurks in Mensingebos, was the program magazine. Midway through the second half, it looked as if Coach Freddie Strating’s team would press on. Colin Bean’s winning goal, with nine minutes to go, and developments in other areas caused a turnaround.

So Strating was more relieved than happy afterward: We’re Still Alive. Four teams with 26 points, us 23. We weren’t happy today. WVV is playing football a little easier. We went ahead with a great goal, but we came out of the break very badly. Going to Gumos (Norwegian) next week, which attracts many people.

WVV probably to southeast Brabant

WVV will focus on qualifying for promotion. Due to mediocre results in the past few weeks – just two points from their last three matches – the championship has faded from view. This isn’t the first time WVV has thrown a title opportunity into the slot. As it now appears, WVV will have to go to Volharding from Vierlingsbeek near Venray. WWV, coached by Marcel Kruiz on Sunday, lacked conviction before the break, because Gerard Wakens had commitments at FC Emmen against Feyenoord.

Roden took the lead after half an hour. There wasn’t much to add to speaker Bernhard Rademaker’s impassioned declaration: “A cross calculated from the right (by Hugo Steenbergen-ed.), rammed hard by Rick Renkema’,” echoed through Roder’s woods. Both assistants reported often and eagerly, taking up the space that referee Platt offered them at the start. A shot by the Sten Bruins was WVV’s only achievement.

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Two penalties from Hatibor in five minutes

The guys from East Groningen came out of the dressing room with even more force. WVV earned two penalties in the space of five minutes. At first, the powerful goalkeeper Nils Willems missed, after which David Jansen fell Martin Dillger. Willems corrected his mistake and saved Thijs Hatpur’s penalty. When Jansen unnecessarily brought down Delger again, the ball hit center again. Hateboer’s score now: 1-1.

Jesse Veit had a great chance for the visitors, now an apparent offside. Roden’s assistant did not seem to dare further displease Winschoter. On the counter-attack, Rinkema headed just inside the post after a beautiful pass from Michel Wardnier. It wasn’t easy for Roden’s star, as moments later he hit the crossbar with a free kick.

Colin was taking advantage of the mess

Rudin bent, but did not break. It’s darkest just before dawn, but then suddenly there’s unexpected help from WVV. Goalkeeper Tim Logis wanted to boost his abilities, as the escape was obvious and Bene gratefully took advantage: 2-1. An unexpected conclusion, often makes football a great activity.

A somewhat frustrated WVV even sent the keeper forward, but after eight minutes of extra time the home team could breathe a sigh of relief. The municipality of Nordenfeld can prepare for a wonderful, two-hour White Monday apotheosis at the Schapendrift sports park in Norg.

Rodin – WVV 2-1

Scoring progress: 33. Rinkema 1-0, 49. Hatibor 1-1 (penalty), 81. Match 2-1.

to rule: Mauricio’s apartment

yellow : Ter Arkel, Smit, David Jansen (Roden), Heijenga, Ubels (WVV)

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viewers : 250

Reds: willems. van der Graaf, Buscema (76. van Dyck), Wardner, David Jansen; Last, been, Draisma (76. De Rink), Steenbergen (71. Sem Jansen); Ter Arcel, Renkema (89. named).

WVV: Logis. Molencamp, Higinga; Kuiper, Hansen; Hateboer, Wiekens, Bruins; Ubels (59. Brouwer), Witt, Dilger.