April 15, 2024

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Ross Bran: "Fan involvement justifies at least two races in the United States" - F1journaal.be

Ross Bran: “Fan involvement justifies at least two races in the United States” – F1journaal.be

According to Ross Brawn, last weekend the US GP was proof that at least two races, perhaps even more, could be held in the US.

An estimated 400,000 fans attended the United States GB in Austin last weekend, breaking the previous record for the 2019 Great Britain GB, which saw 351 000 visits, each spread over three days. With this, last weekend’s race will go down in the history books as the most exciting F1 Race weekend ever.

“Now we see a strong commitment from American fans,” Rose Brown told F1’s official website.

“F1 has been a cult pastime for many years, but now we see a real increase in engagement. Fans know the drivers, personalities and nuances of Formula 1.

“I think this is very exciting and a testament to the fact that Formula 1 can run two races or more in the United States.

American fans saw a race that could be described as a thriller. It turned out to be a tactic between two title rivals, Louis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, which turned out to be in favor of the Red Bull driver by a small margin.

“F1’s return to the United States for the first time in two years was a very exciting race from start to finish,” Brown continues.

“At the end of the race, Mercedes changed its strategy to take advantage of the tire more than Louis Max Verstappen.

“It’s sticking to the screen, studying tire strategies to see time differences and how betting develops.”

“I’m not sure who will pull the longest straw in the end. Neither Max nor Lewis made a mistake, that’s the big thing about this championship.

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“We clearly have two drivers. I don’t think I really saw a mistake between the two of them, nothing significant. “

“It’s a bustling weekend, sold out every day, great weather, great weather and great vibration.”