April 16, 2024

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Rumor: Intel Core i9-13900K gets ‘Ultra Performance Mode’ with 350W TDP – Computer – News

Unlike the 12900K, the Core i9-13900K won’t have enough of a standard “max turbo power” of around 250 watts. That Prohardver Hungarian Hardware website reports. When the power limits are opened, the i9’s consumption will rise to 350 watts.

With the 12th generation Core processors, Intel introduced the terms “core processor power” and “maximum turbo power” as the successor to the PL1 and PL2 frontiers. With overclockable models with a K suffix, mtp may be consumed continuously. With Core i9-12900K, it was 241W, which is just enough allcore . batch 4.9 GHz. According to Prohardver With the i9-13900K, this will not be enough, which means that the maximum overall boost is achieved only when the default limits are deactivated.

According to previous rumors, the i9-13900K will receive an overall turbo of 5.5GHz for the P-cores. In addition, the processor also has twice as many electronic cores as the i9-12900K. Thus, the maximum power consumption was much higher than in line with expectations. With a load limited to a few cores, the processor can overclock the processor up to 5.8GHz.

Core i9-13900K qualification sample tests with power limits disabled. To maintain a full-core turbo of 5.5GHz, the processor consumes approximately 350W. source: Tweet embed

Some high-end motherboards in the new 700 series will have a built-in mode to increase the power limit to 350 watts, which Prohardver calls a “high performance mode.” In this mode, the processor can hold a full-core turbo, allowing for up to 15 percent better performance in multi-threaded workloads. Of course, good cooling is required for this.

Raptor Lake processors, like the codename for the 13th generation Core CPUs, will also remain compatible with current 600-series motherboards. However, with this motherboard, you’ll have to disable the limits manually to get the i9-13900K’s maximum performance limit him. The required bios option usually has a name along the lines of “Remove all borders”.

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