June 17, 2024

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Rumors that Ramzan Kadyrov (46), Putin’s “hound”, have died are becoming increasingly persistent |  outside

Rumors that Ramzan Kadyrov (46), Putin’s “hound”, have died are becoming increasingly persistent | outside

The life of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov (46 years old) hangs by a thread. According to Ukrainian military intelligence, he has been in critical condition in hospital since Friday, but for some Russian military bloggers, the matter is clear: Kadyrov is dead.

look. What’s going on with Kadyrov, Putin’s bloodhound?

The Ukrainian Military Security Service reported on Friday evening that Kadyrov’s condition was very serious. There is no evidence that his condition has deteriorated, and there have been speculations about his health for months. At the beginning of this year, photos showed that Kadyrov had gained a lot of weight, appeared bloated, and had difficulty keeping his eyes open. He is suspected of suffering from kidney problems after being exposed to possible poisoning. He denied this publicly in all languages.

Chechen sources had previously reported that Kadyrov had fallen into a coma. He was supposed to be transferred to Moscow, but because they could not do anything for him there, he was sent back to Chechnya. But some Russian bloggers on Telegram are now denying this. According to them, Kadyrov never returned from Moscow and certainly did not wake up from his coma, but he died instantly.

Rumors of Kadyrov’s death are spreading like wildfire on the popular messaging app, but they cannot be independently verified, and neither Chechnya nor Russia have commented on the reports.

Who is Kadyrov?

Kadyrov has been president of Chechnya since 2007 and rules the country as a dictator. He is an outspoken opponent of Kiev and a major ally of Putin and the Kremlin. In September 2022, Kadyrov called for the use of Russian nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

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