June 20, 2024

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Russia is being deceived by fake HIMARS in Ukraine

Russia is being deceived by fake HIMARS in Ukraine

Wooden replicas of the US Himars missile system are subject to numerous Russian attacks. “The Russians claim that they have already destroyed more Heymar missiles than we have actually delivered.”

The Ukrainian army publishes a successful diversion exercise. After several weeks of testing, at least a dozen Russian cruise missiles have hit counterfeit HIMARs. American weapons systems are prime targets for the Russians. With the help of rocket launchers, the Ukrainian army knows the Russian Too hard to do.

It was the American newspaper Washington Post Who brought the news about the new fake Hemars. “When a drone thinks it’s recognizing HIMARS, it becomes a target for VIPs,” a senior Ukrainian official told the newspaper. The drones then transmit the location to the Russian missile systems. They fire missiles at the target. Only: the process becomes a measure of the thing, as it pertains to a wooden replica of a heymar.


Russia likes to brag about whether it can disable Western weapons. “The Russians claim they have already destroyed more Hemar missiles than we have,” a US diplomat said. Washington Mail.

Sixteen American Himmars have been delivered to Ukraine since the start of the war, according to the Pentagon. The Allies introduced similar systems. It is unclear how many Western missile systems are still in service.

Remarkably, Russia allows itself to be puppets. It is a well-known technique of warfare. In the Yugoslav wars and World War II, opponents were actually deceived with fake materials.

No change in the game

Although wooden structures burden the Russians with wasted effort, this practice does not reflect warfare. “But any missile that hits a puppet will not fall on a Ukrainian city,” a military analyst replied optimistically. Washington Post. Furthermore, the fake Himaris positions still instilled fear in the Russians, prompting them to move their war materials as a precaution.

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