June 5, 2023

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Russian Attempts to Massively Damage Ukraine’s Power Grid ‘Most Likely to Fail’ | Ukraine and Russia war

The British say that rising temperatures should improve Ukraine’s energy situation in the coming months. Moreover, according to the state energy company Ukrenergo, 80 percent of the damaged main grid has been fully or partially restored.

Oknergo says on the messaging platform Telegram that 250 Russian missiles have hit parts of the energy infrastructure since the war began in February last year. This led to power outages across Ukraine on several occasions, leaving homes without heat for extended periods while temperatures dropped below freezing.

According to the British, the attacks will continue on a smaller scale, but “likely to have far fewer consequences”. It appears that “since the beginning of March, the large-scale attacks we have seen since October of last year have decreased.” “The planning and preparations for next winter have already begun.”

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Replacing and repairing energy infrastructure is a challenge for Ukrainian energy companies. They are receiving support from NATO countries. According to the energy company, five hundred devices required to restore power circuits have already been supplied by European countries.

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