May 24, 2024

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Russian discount Mere wants to go to America

Russian discount Mere wants to go to America

Controversial Russian discount chain Just Exploring expansion opportunities in the United States. A project manager should open stores in Georgia and Alabama.

Cheaper than Aldi and Little

Mere wants to extend the Russian discount to the United States. This is clear from the vacancy announced by the trade magazine Winside Grocery Business. The chain, which brings ‘hard’ to hard discounts, is looking for a project manager in the US. He wants to speak Russian and wants to specialize in business real estate.

The purpose is for the future project manager to provide locations in stores The states of Georgia and Alabama are investigatingNegotiate, lease and open stores effectively. Mare can focus on Alabama and Georgia because there are still many small self-employed people in those rural areas. Such as mass discounts Walmart In Dollar General Are increasing.

However, Mere promises to be cheaper than that Alti In Little, By selling products within a limited base range directly from boards. For example, European stores do not have new supply unpacked, but there are Lots of leftovers and bulk packaging To find out in its native Russia, the retailer has developed this concept – in the name Svetophore Since its inception in 2009 it has topped the top ten largest supermarket chains with about 2,500 stores in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia.

Shadow construction

Mere is expanding strongly outside the United States and Russia. The first British branch will open soon and there are plans in Belgium as well. The Russians alone have not yet succeeded in adding the real word to action: Belgium The construction looks a bit shady And the planned opening at Opwijk doesn’t seem to be getting much at the moment. German growth is also much slower than expected, with only five of the 100 stores opening two years later.

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The choice for the United States is as astonishing as the Russian one X5 Retail Panel Previously tried by discount formula Oki-Toki in Florida. Five stores closed a year later.