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Samsung Galaxy Flex Note Foldable Smartphone With S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Flex Note Foldable Smartphone With S Pen

Samsung is developing a Galaxy smartphone with a foldable wraparound display and an under-display camera. With S Pen and ingenious stylus pen compartment.

Last month , Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 employment Galaxy Z Flip 3 The launch of foldable smartphones. that Galaxy Note 21 Unfortunately it will not appear this year. It is still unclear what Samsung’s plans are regarding the Note range. Will the device return in its current form or will Samsung provide the Note with a major form factor update. Consider a flexible screen application.

In July this year, Samsung Display has already registered a trademark for the name ‘Note flexA name that, in our opinion, fits perfectly with the next model. Samsung Display has applied for a patent to design a Samsung smartphone with a wraparound display and S Pen.

Samsung Flex Note with openklapbaar wrap screen

On October 29, 2020, Samsung Display filed a design patent with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The documents were released on September 21, 2021. The 30 or so product images show two Samsung smartphones, identical, apart from the camera system, to each other.

It comes a Samsung smartphone With fold-out screen. At its most compact form, you have a regular sized phone, with a beautiful full screen design. The wraparound screen continues from the right side to the back, taking up half of the total surface.

Users can flip the screen surface from back to front, creating a large tablet-sized screen. This unique design, Samsung also found space to house the popular S Pen. A small recess was made for the pen to fall into it. When the screen is folded, the stylus is sandwiched between the two parts of the screen, locking it securely into the chassis. The S Pen is magnetically held in place, so it doesn’t immediately fall off when the foldable screen is opened.

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Samsung Galaxy Flex Note S Pen

In its most compact form, the casing is equally thick in all places. Once the screen is unlocked, the right back will be thinner than the left. This difference in height is ingeniously eliminated by the drawing stylus, so that the device can still be laid flat on the table.

There are no visible cameras in the first model. Samsung will likely choose an under-screen camera with this alternative, as we also know from Galaxy Z Fold 3. The second model has a double-hole camera – as can also be seen in the patent photo above.

The punch-hole camera is placed in the upper right corner of the flexible screen. This means that the dual camera is located on the back in a folded position. This keeps the entire front screen clear of cameras. Moreover, this allows the dual camera to be used for taking selfies as well as taking regular photos and videos.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Flex Note Smartphone

It’s an ingenious design, which Samsung designers have undoubtedly thought about for a long time. Since the wraparound screen can also be unlocked, it becomes a particularly versatile phone. Additionally, Samsung has found a clever place for the stylus compartment. The location of the camera system is also well thought out.

Whether Samsung actually has plans to release this unique Galaxy Flex Note is still unknown at the moment. However, it is not entirely improbable. Samsung is enjoying huge success with its line of foldable smartphones. So it is likely that the South Korean manufacturer will also release several types of form factors over time.

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There has been talk online for some time about a file Samsung foldable smartphone, as well as a Samsung foldable smartphone. Also, the company’s display department recently showed a preview of a multi-fold smartphone –Galaxy Z FlexIt can be folded at two points. The company is experimenting with different types of models, only the best will appear on the market.

Download documents Samsung Galaxy Flex Note with S Pen.

Note to editors: The Galaxy Note product offerings shown in this post were created by interior designer Giuseppe Spinelli (aka feline). The 3D renderings shown are for illustrative purposes only, this product is not for sale. Feel free to use the images on your website, YouTube and/or social media channel, please be respectful to include a clickable source link in your post.