March 2, 2024

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE update brings Android 14 and One UI 6

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE update brings Android 14 and One UI 6

Today, the long-awaited Android 14 update arrives on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. The device also receives One UI 6 and new or improved features associated with it.

Galaxy S21 FE update: Android 14 and One UI 6 available

One after another, Galaxy phones are currently receiving the upgrade to One UI 6 and Android 14. The Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra were already available at the end of November, but everyone has Fan edition He had to be patient a little longer. It had to be, because patience is no longer necessary today.

Firmware build G990BXXU6FWK3 brings the Galaxy S21 FE to the latest versions of Android and Samsung’s One UI – 14 and 6 respectively. Since the device already has the November security patch, there are not many changes in this area. The total download size is approximately 2.5GB, so take your time.

One UI 6 of course brings some changes, such as the new design of Quick panel And One UI 6 line. There are also improvements for weatherWidget and app, that Lock the screenAnd new widgets and options for camera. Plus, there are more options to maintain the security system, and your phone will learn the new “Multi-Touch Trick.” Check out the many innovations in One UI 6 for yourself.

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After installation, give your S21 FE some time to re-optimize itself. As long as this process is ongoing, the power consumption may be higher than what you are used to from your phone. If all goes well, it will be back to normal again after a few hours – or days at the latest.

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Please note: On other devices, this upgrade contains a strange bug that disables jumping between status bar icons. As a result, there is a possibility that they will burn your screen in the long run. This won’t happen very quickly, and we assume that Samsung is able to resolve the “bug in One UI 6” in the short term – for example through the upcoming December security update.


The Android 14 update is now available immediately on all Galaxy S21 FE models sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. It doesn’t matter whether you have the variant with model number SM-G990B, or SM-G990B2, nor whether you described The device is directly from Vodafone or T-Mobile.

As usual, you can wait until your phone finds the upgrade on its own. But you can also start working directly via Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

Have you already updated your Galaxy S21 FE to Android 14 and One UI 6? Did everything go well or did you encounter any problems during or after installation?

(Thanks to everyone who let us know!)