May 28, 2024

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Samsung will sell 1 million copies of The Frame Lifestyle TV in 2021 - Samsung Newsroom Netherlands

Samsung will sell 1 million copies of The Frame Lifestyle TV in 2021 – Samsung Newsroom Netherlands

Thanks to the popularity of The Frame, Samsung expects the total number of units sold to exceed two million by the end of the year

Samsung today announced that it has sold more than 1 million copies of Lifestyle TV The Frame this year. This makes The Frame the first in the lineup with Lifestyle TVs, of which one million units were sold in one year. Total sales since the launch of The Frame in 2017 are expected to exceed two million by the end of the year. This is due to the strong demand and popularity of Lifestyle TV.

“The Frame is not just a TV. It’s a lifestyle TV that dresses up space with its design and enriches consumer lives with a wide-ranging art collection., “says Tony van Schijndel, Senior Marketing Director, TV & Audio at Samsung Benelux.We continue to look for innovative ways to improve and expand The Frame’s offerings. In addition, we are constantly looking at how to meet the changing expectations and desires of consumers as much as possible. We are also looking into partnerships with new museums, galleries and artists to expand the collection in the Art Store.. “

Innovative design: the perfect combination of form and function
The Frame is the most popular model in Samsung’s Lifestyle TV lineup. Since its launch in 2017, The Frame’s design, features and size have been regularly adapted to reflect the ever-changing tastes and needs of consumers.

As consumers spend more time at home, the entertainment offering is also becoming more and more popular. In addition, more and more consumers want to have screens that are more than just a home device and also add something to their interior. The Frame responds to these trends and offers the consumer the perfect blend of form and function. This stimulates the selling of the domain.

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Each new version of The Frame TV delivers better picture quality and responds to consumer trends. In 2020, Samsung added QLED photo technology for a brighter picture. The TV also has a brightness sensor so that the brightness can be adjusted according to the environment and the TV viewer can enjoy the enhanced photos and videos even more. In July 2021, Samsung launched the 85-inch model. The device is now available in 5 different sizes (32, 55, 65, 75 and 85), catering to different lifestyles and living spaces.

The 2021 tire features a 24.9mm thinner bezel. This makes the model nearly half the width of last year’s model. Combined with frames available in different colors, the TV is a stylish addition to any room. The consumer can make a personalized frame and choose from a white, teak or brown flat edge and a white or red tiled bevel. The Frame can be used in many ways: on a TV stand, mounted on a wall as in a gallery, or on a recently released stand.

Unique artworks in the art store
In addition to the unique and modern design, The Frame’s success also lies in the Art Store, its own platform that includes an art subscription. When users are not watching TV, they can turn on Ambient Mode to view artwork from the art store’s extensive collection of paintings and photographs. This way, the screen is not an annoying black surface indoors, but an art object on the wall.

The Frame’s Art Store presents more than 1,500 artworks from world-famous museums and galleries, such as the Hermitage in Russia, the Louvre in France, and the Prado in Spain. Samsung has expanded the Art Store collection through partnerships. The Art Store now showcases unique artwork from emerging artists around the world such as Magnum Photos, a global collection of photojournalists, and the latest arrivals YellowKorner with ground-breaking art photography. This allows the art store to offer lifelike artwork that fully showcases The Frame QLED TV’s picture quality. The 2021 model uses AI-based organization and analyzes consumer behavior patterns and tastes to recommend new artworks accordingly.

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This version also offers significantly more storage space: 6 GB compared to 500 MB in previous models. Up to 1,200 4K images can now be stored, allowing users to select even more artwork from their custom gallery.

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