June 9, 2023

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SBS6 wants a program about America with Johan Derksen and Raymond Menz

“We have a plan to go to Mississippi together. Along the way I will talk about music, blues, country and bluegrass. Raymond will talk about politics in that region,” he confirms. Derkson Talking to it AD.


However, the bullet did not enter the church yet, due to lack of time. “There is still a gap in planning. Inside Today we broadcast every day. And having a surrogate join me temporarily is not an option. I’m not going to give up Today Inside. I need some time to do this. They can now be found on Talba when they are available on the agenda. We are free at Christmas and New Years. Maybe there is an opportunity there. “

road trip

Male that jumps Derkson To travel to America. “For me, the dream of making a series about America is to show the real America. So not New York or Los Angeles, but really deep within America. The idea of ​​doing a musical journey soon arose. Down the Mississippi, there’s a lot of musical history there, and you connect with Americans.

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