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Science Café > How does our memory work (better)?

Science Café > How does our memory work (better)?

Tuesday 8 November 2022 19:30 until 22:00

Every day we use our memory extensively throughout the day: what time was that date again? Did we close the fridge properly at home this morning? A poor memory can complicate our daily tasks, while a good memory can make our lives a lot easier, for example when remembering lists or learning a new language. During upbringing there are all kinds of things that can affect the development of our memory, but performance can also change in adulthood. How does the brain deal with this at the level of neurons? Can we take action to improve our memory? How can we not have memories from before we were four years old?

On Tuesday, November 8, memory experts Freyja Ólafsdóttir and Boris Konrad from Radboud University will present us, in English, the wonders of memory. Ólafsdóttir takes a basic approach to her research and implements all kinds of techniques to investigate the activity of individual neurons and integrate them into neural networks. For example, she studies the development of spatial and episodic memory in rodents. On the other hand, Konrad studies the neural principles behind memory enhancement in humans and the benefits of various memory strategies. Additionally, it investigates the effects of modern technology on our brains. Inspirational music by Punch! It will make this evening unforgettable!

> 8 pm | Freyja Ólafsdottir (RU) and Boris Konrad (RU)

> 7.30 pm | punch! – He lives

> Mediator: Cees Liegenhorst

> Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 7.30 pm / 8 pm – 10 pm

> Shamrock, Smitioscitrate 17 Nijmegen

> Free entry, free entry

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> in English

> https://www.sciencecafenijmegen.nl/actueel/2022November8/