April 17, 2024

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Season 2 of The Big Verdick Show on Pickx+

Season 2 of The Big Verdick Show on Pickx+

In fall 2023, Pickx+ viewers can enjoy half an hour of feel-good TV every Monday before going to bed.

Comedian Jeroen Verdick – known for “Hoe Zal Ik Het Zeggen” and “Love Island” – kept TV-watching Flanders informed of what was happening and happening by reporting on it on “The Big Verdick Show.” But he didn't just do that. The late night program was steeped in Verdick's typical sense of humor and with humor in every sentence he gave the audience a refreshing Monday evening. Due to the many positive reactions, it quickly became clear to Pickx+, Proximus' premium TV channel, that there was a need for a follow-up.

Even before the end of the first season, the decision was made: a second and completely new season of “The Big Verdick Show” will be released in mid-February. Not only is Jeroen starting the new work week, but he is also ending the weekend in style. From the evening of Sunday, February 18, 2024, Pickx+ viewers will once again have a weekly appointment with Jeroen Verdick during a new episode.

The program also received a facelift in terms of appearance and decor, but unfortunately there was no point in redesigning the presenter.

'Will we be interested in season two? During the first season, I regularly received messages on social media from people who were always up for a new episode of “The Big Verdick Show” on Monday. They then thanked me for making their Monday a little lighter and told me they often had to struggle with stitches for a full half hour. Usually with the nonsense I say between videos or because of the many heads of lettuce I put on my head. The Hot Chip Challenge was a highlight for many – and secretly for us, too. I hope the new season will be very popular with viewers. Anyway, we have a lot of funny viral videos, a lot of nonsense and a big chunk of fun waiting for them!', says Jeroen Verdijk.

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'Humor is an important pillar of Pickx+. Not only the best international movies and series, but also a smile from us. We're delighted that Jeroen will throw himself back into action for a few weeks and will do his best to make the Flemings laugh. “Another reason to stay awake longer, or to watch whenever you want in the Pickx app,” says Krijn Jonckheere, channel manager at Pickx+.