April 16, 2024

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'Secret document' that could help Prince Andrew in the assault case |  showbiz

‘Secret document’ that could help Prince Andrew in the assault case | showbiz

PropertyNow that Prince Andrew, 61, has been formally subpoenaed in the sexual assault lawsuit brought by Virginia Robert Joffrey, his lawyers will be working to try to prove his innocence. A “secret document” can help them with this, as “The Sun” wrote.

In 2009, Virginia Robert Jeffrey – the victim of Jeffrey Epstein, and in the words of Prince Andrew – signed a document. She had just settled with Epstein and promised through that additional document that she would not hold Epstein’s attorneys, associates, agents and heirs responsible for their involvement in the case. That document has remained largely classified.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers now want access to the document, hoping they can also release Prince Andrew from the charge. But Virginia’s lawyers believe the hope is futile, because the deal did not mention the prince. “While we believe the release of the document has nothing to do with the case against Prince Andrew, we believe that Prince Andrew’s lawyers have the right to review the document and make arguments based on it, especially now that the subpoena has been accepted. The case may continue.”

“Therefore, we have informed Mr. Epstein’s heirs of Prince Andrew’s request and have asked permission to provide a copy of the document to Prince Andrew’s attorney,” he said confidently. The Sun “wanted to undermine Virginia’s cause Robert Joffrey by holding her in lies or contradictions, for example, she is said to have told Prince Andrew during their meeting in London to drink a cocktail, but the man abstained completely.

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