June 17, 2024

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Secrets of the man who died in prison. Did they “commit suicide”? – Free daily

Died in prison. Officially, suicide. We are talking John McAfee, 75, father of the popular antiviral virus. Absolute genius of computer science. Very controversial. He has been in a cell in Barcelona since October, where he was arrested while trying to board a flight to Turkey. He hung up an international arrest warrant issued by the United States seeking him for tax evasion.

Thus, McAfee died in prison and was found lifeless in his cell. According to initial inquiries, attempts to resuscitate him were ineffective, as indicated by the suicide. Farewell to one of the brightest, sexiest and most eccentric minds of Silicon Valley. He received it from the antivirus system A great wealth and celebrity. Hence, excessive living, including drugs, weapons, and corruption. A documentary (on Netflix, Gringo: John McAfee Dangerous Life) About his “Dolce Vita” in Belize, among prostitutes, Intense sexual practices and a murdered neighbor In a mysterious situation. After the assassination, McAfee went missing, and he sought political asylum in Guatemala. Besides, returning to Belize and “adjusting” with the local government by making generous donations to the police.

In the United States he was accused of tax evading millions of dollars. According to investigations, an escape of course continued from 2016 to 2018. In his “curriculum” there is a flight to Lithuania and a candidacy for the presidency of the United States with the Freedom Party, which is difficult to unravel from 1 percent. McAfee said there was a conspiracy against him, a harassment, to be precise for that candidate.

Spain is fine for being extradited to the United States. A suicide, for now Covered in a blanket of mystery. A mysterious disappearance: Does anyone want to let him know?

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