June 18, 2024

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Selling Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is the biggest logistics real estate deal ever

Selling Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is the biggest logistics real estate deal ever

Dutch investor CPT has bought the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub for €307 million. The $1 million deal shows that logistics hubs on the outskirts of the city are becoming increasingly important. ALC will be the largest distribution center in Amsterdam and distinguishes itself with multiple use of space and water transportation.

ALC center should enable fast and clean last mile logistics in Amsterdam. Products from all over the region find their way to the center and are distributed throughout Amsterdam from there. After completion, the complex will have approximately 120,000 square meters of leasable floor space, including 90,000 square meters of storage space and 11,000 square meters of office space. There will also be 1,700 parking spaces and 200 loading docks.

ALC isn’t just special because of its size. In the center, the focus is on transporting goods by water, an old but outdated approach. The hub will be built in northwest Amsterdam, close to the A10 motorway and the North Sea Canal. Moreover, the axis is special due to the use of two floors. This is unusual in the logistics sector. The stacked use should make optimum use of the limited space in the city.

CTP pays 307 million euros for the hub. The company is one of the largest industrial property developers in Europe, and is heading towards a portfolio of 10 million square meters in 2021. Ralph de Monique, Director of CTP Netherlands: “We are very proud that we were able to conclude this agreement and look forward to an intense cooperation with the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Port of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is the absolute leader in last mile logistics solutions for relieving congested city centres. The demand for this logistics business space in the Amsterdam area is strong and we expect this demand to grow even more.

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Construction of the ALC began in May. Delivery is expected at the end of next year. It is set to become the first XXL logistics city center in the Netherlands. Real estate and logistics experts expect such hubs to become increasingly important. The inventory conducted by JLL Nederland shows that the logistics sector in the Netherlands is growing rapidly. Many experts and analysts previously expected the growth of this sector to slow in 2021, but the opposite is true. Vacancy rates are stable and occupancy sizes have steadily increased, reaching a total of 2 million square metres. The sector’s growth is primarily driven by e-commerce.

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