July 21, 2024

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Show your skills, great performance

Show your skills, great performance

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Son in Bruegel – On and around the bridge at De Roimte Elementary School, parents, grandparents, friends and acquaintances were enjoying themselves. They looked out over the well-prepared cliff edge where about 200 children were ready with an instrument. In recent weeks, they had been practicing their musical pieces under the supervision of professional musicians from PhilZuid. Monday was the day of the show, and what a…

Guest Editor: Michelle Van Dyck

Janneke De Looy sang and danced with the children from groups 1-2. Groups 3 and 4, accompanied by Roger Ness, played on the sirens. The rhythm was provided by groups 5 and 6 under the inspiring leadership of Teun Steenen. The children in groups 7 and 8 both played the trombone and were accompanied by Mark Boonstra, who was also the leader of the entire group.

The varied performance went smoothly. With the Philzuid band providing the basis for the music, the pieces followed each other at a pleasant pace.

The audience enjoyed the fun of making music and the quality of the performance. The rappers from Group 7 also left an impression with their own lyrics.

Sometimes the group played alone, sometimes together. The spectators were either so impressed by the performance or so busy taking pictures for later that they sometimes forgot to participate.

It was a festive end to the school year. There will be many special activities during this last week of school, such as an introduction to the new teacher, a farewell concert, a final farewell to the eighth grade, and the last day of school for all the children on Wednesday. Because we have to move on Thursday and Friday, so that the new school year starts with enough space in the building; a new school year in which more music will be heard.

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