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Silver locks are trendy with young and old.  “If you dye your dark gray hair, it often looks tougher and older” |  fashion beauty

Silver locks are trendy with young and old. “If you dye your dark gray hair, it often looks tougher and older” | fashion beauty

Canadian news anchor Lisa Laflame, 58, was out for her gray haircut. However, gray hair is more fashionable than ever, and not just for older ladies. Younger women also choose shade as an expression of fashion. Two hairdressers give advice to those who want to follow the trend. “Hair stylists can give gray hair a beautiful, shiny shade these days.”

After a career spanning 35 years, Lisa Laflame, 58, a well-known Canadian news anchor, was shown at the door. “With a whole lot of feelings I have to tell you,” she said in a video she posted on Twitter and has since been viewed 4.5 million times. Many believe the decision to fire LaFlamme has everything to do with the fact that she stopped dyeing her hair a while ago, since since the pandemic, the news anchor has, like many women, embraced her natural hair color: gray.

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Lisa Films in 2011 and 2022. © Getty Images

Reportedly, a senior CTV News executive also asked, “Who agreed to let Lisa go gray?” However, more and more women are embracing their natural hair color just like LaFlamme. Actresses Andy McDowell, Helen Mirren and Jodie Foster appeared in silver locks on the red carpet at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow no longer hide their age by wearing an unnatural hair color. Even in younger women, the color is hot. Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B: It’s just a sample of the celebs rocking a silver haircut.

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Healthier hair and more beneficial for saving money

Flaka Juniku of House of Hair and BV hairstylist Jochen Vanhoodt also sees the increasing popularity of gray in their salons. Vanhoodt: “There are actually two types of gray-haired women: young girls who are dyed as an expression of fashion, and slightly older ladies who maintain their inappropriate natural hair color.”

Juniku confirms this trend. “Since the advent of corona, many women have let their hair go gray. On one hand because it’s a trend, on the other for conservation. I often tell clients: I think you’ll look younger if you let your gray hair grow. Many women who have natural gray hair color Their hair is very dark because the lighter colors don’t cover the gray well. As a result, they often look tougher and older.”

But of course it depends from person to person, Juniku emphasizes. “It’s not for everyone. But if you’re naturally gray and stand with it, I definitely recommend the color. You save a lot of money and it’s better that your hair quality doesn’t have to constantly dye it. However, you can add some lighter shades to your gray locks now and then, even Color comes alive.”


Graying requires a lot of care if it’s not your natural color, so it’s not cheap.

Hairdresser Flaka Juniku, House of Hair

Young girls pay a lot of money to dye their hair silver. “From stark white to light gray: these shades are super hot right now,” Juniku says. Although they have to offer something in return. “Grey hair requires a lot of maintenance if it’s not your natural color, so it’s not cheap. Going back every four months to get your hair styled isn’t enough. You should have a tinted toner that your hairstylist puts on every four weeks to revitalize it.”

From mother-of-pearl to Assig

Vanhoodt: “If you see someone walking down the street and think: ‘Wow, she looks great with her gray hair, what a beautiful shade.’ Then maybe it’s been updated with ‘Two Grays.'” This is a new color palette released by Wella Cosmetics this year to make Natural gray hair looks as beautiful as it can be. This gray wash lasts for two months without getting any result.”

“You can choose from different shades: from mother-of-pearl to ash. This line is extraordinarily successful in our barbershops, it really flies out the door. This shows how popular gray hair is. With blue shampoos from the past, the result has never been perfect. Today, we hairdressers can give natural gray hair a beautiful, shiny shade. “

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