May 28, 2024

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Sittard also did a light "Because of Our Freedom" tour.

Sittard also did a light “Because of Our Freedom” tour.


On a Wednesday evening at 19:00, the “March of Light for Our Future in a Free Society” departed from Stationsplein in Sittard.

Several hundred people, young and old, individuals and a number of local entrepreneurs took part in the trip to the market. They carried lights and torches. At the beginning of the rally, the participants addressed briefly the city councilor Sergio Klein. He did it again later in the market, where everyone who wanted could have their say as well.

Last week, there was already a first street light tour with about fifty participants. That flight is not registered with the municipality. When Klein heard about this, he decided to report to the municipality for a light tour on December 29. “After the police showed up at a citizen’s door, because they shared the call via Facebook, they decided to seize the organization from Sittard so that the citizens could be left alone. I have submitted the report that gives us an exemption to walk with a group and I will invite you to respect the one and a half meter rule.” The two-boa’s procession on Wednesday evening was accompanied by a calm and orderly procession.

Klein explains on his Facebook page why he’s participating in the Parade of Lights. “Freedom is a broad concept and everyone has a different idea. One cares about youth and children and the other sees his company sinking into the swamp. Others wait in vain for surgery, others are afraid of vaccination. All personal and legitimate reasons to join us on Wednesday. Officials (local and national) reject unimportant citizens Vaccinated as worse and selfish, as extremists and deniers, you’re really not helping society right now.”

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Klein is particularly concerned about the difference between the rich and the poor, as he says: “The ‘poor’ feel all this bad and can’t beware of it. That’s actually why they run.”

If it is up to the council member, the light round will take place every week.