February 27, 2024

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Space junk can be cleaned up by hitting it with a laser from Earth

Space junk can be cleaned up by hitting it with a laser from Earth

Japanese company EX-Fusion has come up with an amazing plan to clean up space junk. The company wants to launch it from space from Earth using lasers.

In recent years, more and more satellites have been placed in Earth orbit. However, after they break, they often persist. This is becoming increasingly dangerous, not only for other satellites, but also for astronauts. A collision with such a piece of space debris, moving at thousands of kilometers per hour, could have serious consequences.

But so far there is no solution to the growing space junk problem. There are different possibilities. For example, Astroscale Holdings plans to launch a satellite that can retrieve large amounts of debris from space. Another option is to equip satellites with lasers to propel waste into the atmosphere.

First installation in Australia

Goes EX-Fusion step forward. Instead of outfitting satellites in space with lasers, the startup wants to blast waste directly from the ground. It closed in October an agreement With Australian company EOS Space Systems to build the system. This will happen near the Australian capital, Canberra.

Unlike other solutions, the idea is to remove small debris from the air. This is accomplished by firing the laser in the opposite direction to the debris path. This forces the waste to slow down, allowing it to fall into the atmosphere, where it eventually burns up.

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EX-Fusion must first overcome some challenges. After all, the laser must be powerful enough to have an effect over long distances. Moreover, the accuracy required is very high.

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