July 21, 2024

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Space Night 2024 – An Ode to the Sun

Space Night 2024 – An Ode to the Sun

On Thursday 20 June 2024, the longest day of the year, INNOVATE presents a stunning new edition of The Night of Space, in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), Radboud University and Quest, the world’s largest popular science magazine. Holland.

The sun is a source of energy, inspiration and innovation

The sun is a wonderful phenomenon. What do we really know about this star and what secrets does she still reveal? During the day Space Night 2024 Innovators, scientists, engineers, and creatives delve into the topic and offer their unique ideas. This stunning event, taking place at the Govert Open Air Theater in Nijmegen, promises to be an unforgettable evening.


  • Philipp Schönjans (ESA): Discover the secrets of the Sun through the eyes of Solar Orbiter, a collaboration between the European Space Agency and Radboud University. Philip shares new insights and discoveries.
  • Palace Agterberg (Aleander): Exploring the future of solar energy and the necessary transition to sustainable energy sources. Pallas discusses the challenges and large-scale changes required in the system.
  • Quest Contest: Test your knowledge about the sun with Quest! In cooperation with Mark Klein Wohlt, we will discuss a number of statements and issues on this topic Hot topic. Will you win it?
  • Marco De Bar (Teams): Learn about exciting developments in the field of nuclear fusion, a clean and unlimited energy source. Marco reveals what it takes to realize this revolutionary technology.
  • Pauline van Dongen: Discover the latest developments at the intersection of fashion, technology and sustainability. Pauline shares her pioneering work in smart textiles and solar design.
  • A promising poetic talent Amara van der Elst End the evening with an inspiring live lecture.

Special contributions

The evening will be accompanied musically by The Hubschrauber house band. Presentation by Dounia Maakour (NTR/NPO).


  • location: Govert Open Air Theater, Nijmegen
  • Enter: 7:45 pm
  • Start the program: 8:30 pm
  • End of program: 10pm (drinks until 11pm)

About innovation

Space Night is organized by INNOVATE, the innovation platform of the Arnhem-Nijmegen region, in cooperation with Quest magazine, Radboud University (Radboud Radiolab) and the European Space Agency.

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