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Spaghetti sauce from a deceased father returns to life and to a car wash without a car: the most beautiful dreams from the “dream factory”

Spaghetti sauce from a deceased father returns to life and to a car wash without a car: the most beautiful dreams from the “dream factory”

Where did we shed tears?

Hobby chef Rudy passed away in 2015 after a battle with lung cancer. He left his children Casper and Robin 9 containers of frozen spaghetti sauce, as a consolation when he was no longer there. In the end, there was only one jar left, so Rudy's children dreamed of knowing his sauce recipe.

“The Dream Factory” hired none other than TV chef Jeroen Meeus to decipher the recipe. He expertly studied spaghetti sauce in the laboratory and recreated it as best he could for Casper and Robin. He did it again during the episode live in the studio.

Moreover, Meuse gave Casper and Robin a very special gift. Rudy's Spaghetti Sauce is included in a unique edition of his new cookbook. This made for an emotional moment.

What is the best moment?

Exactly 30 years ago, the Melis family became involved in the “Dream Factory.” They were then allowed to go to the car wash without a car, a memory they still recall regularly. Meanwhile, their videotape containing the part has been destroyed, and the family has several members who only know of the dream through the many stories.

So Bart Peters visits them and takes the family back in time through a recording on a USB stick. However, it did not stop there, because the family got a chance to live their dream again. They got dirty and went to the car wash together again, a new memory for any family party.

What is the best dream?

Andy, 44, was the first to present a dream this year. He did not hesitate and went to fulfill the same dream of his mother 30 years ago. He still really wanted to train with his favorite football team SK Lierse.

And now the time has finally come. Andy looked a little nervous, but was clearly happy like a kid on a long-awaited training day. As icing on the cake, he was also allowed to meet football heroes Gert Verheyen and Jean-Marie Pfaff, who signed his shirt. “The day of my life,” Andy said.

What about last week's call?

In last week's episode, 9-year-old Oun talked about her own dream. She wanted more spectators to come to 't Kuipke in Ghent to watch the team display for the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad female riders. After all, only one woman had been there last year.

Clearly our call has paid off, because Quebec has been full this year. The girl was even allowed to go on stage with her idols, received a t-shirt from Lottie Kopecky and was allowed to ride in the support car during the trip. “It was the best day of my life so far,” she told Mikey Kaffmeier.

Maaike and Oone, before the girl can ride with the support vehicle during Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

What can you help with?

Maaike Cafmeyer also made a connection to this episode, because she wants to give all the “leap year kids” a wonderful Christmas next Thursday. So you ask your traders to prepare promotions to put all these people in the spotlight on their unique day. Starting Monday, you can view all the action on an interactive map via VRT MAX.

Moreover, Monique was present again. In the previous episode, she started looking for fake singers because she wants to create a fake choir. She says she has been overwhelmed by the response she has received, but is now still looking for a place where her choir can practice.

Finally, there was host mother Patti, who will soon be retiring after 40 years of work. The woman from Odenburg is looking for about 130 children she has looked after during her career. She hopes to organize a great get-together or “patty drink.”

Can you help with that? Then browse to vrtmax.be/doemee.

Gloria with host mother Patti


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