March 5, 2024

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Sparks and Altruïs join forces to combat too much digital distraction

Sparks and Altruïs join forces to combat too much digital distraction

Kortrijk – Justin Couturon, founder of Kortrijk-based SPARKS, focuses on supporting HR managers to implement measurable wellbeing interventions into company culture. To further strengthen his goal, he is now collaborating with expert Dan Annemans, according to the 1+1=3 success concept.

“We see that business sectors with a lot of screens and sitting time struggle to complete tasks in a timely manner,” says Couturon. “Digital distractions and peer interruptions in particular are to blame. Science clearly shows that this leads to a sharp increase in complaints of stress and anxiety. It is no surprise that people become exhausted, and the loss of focus and recovery constantly drains energy from our brain. And we have it. It is only necessary to deliver high-quality work. Research also shows that you lose 10 points in your IQ if you are often distracted. Businesses will wake up to this. “With advances in technology and the arrival of artificial intelligence, we estimate that today’s generation will waste up to 7 years of their lives in digital distractions.”

So SPARKS has made “finding balance” its business model. “We want to help teams gain different insights through tailored workshops and science-based newsletters,” says Couturon.

The perfect match

SPARKS is now working with enthusiastic young entrepreneur Dan Annemans. He received wide-ranging influences from his father (health economist, happiness researcher, and author Levin Annemans). He specializes in digital luxury and has influences from digital design and philosophy.

“We both noticed that almost every company struggled with this topic and wanted to make a relevant offering in the market,” says Couturon and Anemans. “We came into contact with each other by chance and clicked instantly. We laughed a lot while creating our promo video (LinkedIn)).”

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