December 6, 2023

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Spatial policy plan for Bruges |  Activate the green and blue frame

Spatial policy plan for Bruges | Activate the green and blue frame

By developing a spatial policy plan, the city of Bruges is taking a new step in spatial policy. The Bruges Spatial Policy Plan is a forward-looking plan that will serve as a guideline for choices in the coming decades in the way space in Bruges will be used, furnished, organized and arranged.

The core of the policy plan consists of a strategic vision, as a long-term future, and an initial set of 5 policy frameworks, through which Bruges wants to make the story of the city it wants to be in 2050 – the strategic vision – more concrete in space. With each political framework, the city is situated in a different environment: the open space, the neighborhood, the residential fabric, the specialized campus, the places where the city changes or transforms. These are the five environments where a lot is moving and a broader debate is taking place around building transformation, spatial efficiency, protecting open space and promoting the green and blue grid.

Talk in this video Lok min Van Naturpont, architect and urban planner Ren Jelinek And employees of the city of Bruges Quinn Timmerman, Martin van Steenhuis And Marieke Dheze On the importance of the “Activating the Green and Blue” policy framework. The framework ensures a strong city where water is collected and heat is mitigated, where people can play in green and blue parts and larger entities, where smooth communications and transportation are connected. The City of Bruges is convinced that if all goes well, the rest of the city can and will be developed too in an integrated and future-oriented way. Thus the green and blue framework defines the scale of city development.

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