May 30, 2024

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Speak your emails: Gmail gets a dictation function

Speak your emails: Gmail gets a dictation function

Want to quickly respond to an email on the go? This can now be done with your voice thanks to Gmail's new dictation function.

Google launched last year Help me write For Gmail: An AI-powered writing tool that helps users compose emails. The function can now also handle voice input, the tech giant announced during the Google Cloud Next conference. For example, you can record and transcribe an email message with the writing assistant in the Mail app. According to Google, this is useful for those who want to quickly respond to emails on the go.

In addition, Google is also announcing a “cleaning” function for its Mail app. This feature turns raw notes into a coherent email with one click. With Help Me Write functionality within Gmail, Google wants to reduce the time employees spend each day responding to incoming communications. This feature is in addition to previous features that support artificial intelligence, such as Smart reply And Smart authoring.

Google turns raw notes into a cohesive email. Source: Google

Feedback for a fee

Besides responding to emails, taking notes during meetings can be time-consuming. Moreover, it distracts you from the meeting. Google announces one Take notes for meVideo conferencing functionality with Meet, where you can outsource to an AI assistant and continue the meeting with maximum focus.

Function translate for me Provides you with automatic translation of captions during meetings. 69 languages ​​will be supported at launch. Later this year, Google will also roll out live translations and on-demand summaries for Google Chat.

All of this will be bundled as a paid add-on that customers can add to their Workspace suite. The cost of the add-on is ten dollars per user per month, in addition to the monthly subscription price.

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