May 26, 2024

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Spencer hopes to find a solution to the more than 200 Xbox 360 games that will “disappear” when the 360 ​​Store closes

Spencer hopes to find a solution to the more than 200 Xbox 360 games that will “disappear” when the 360 ​​Store closes

With the Xbox 360 Store closing next year, there will be no platform to buy classic games from. Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S now offer backwards compatibility, but not every title dating back to the 360 ​​era.

With the Xbox 360 Store closed, it’s going to be difficult to buy and play these games anymore, unless you already own the titles in question. Phil Spencer is be cerfull For the “problem” that will arise and hopes that a solution will be found.

If nothing is done about it, by 220 matches will become inaccessible. This is exactly why Microsoft chose to announce the shutdown a year early, so that people would have plenty of time to buy the games they still wanted.

There is a list of 220 incompatible games, and I have this list stapled to my forehead, how can we be sure? [you can play them still?] How many of them are on the computer? That’s one thing, because it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be able to play it on existing hardware that you bought 15 years ago, but maintaining it is the priority and center when making all of these decisions.

I will say for us the saving process associated with just one piece of hardware is a challenge. Because there can be hardware love too — people who love this hardware and want it to do so forever — but mechanical things will break down over time. But that’s why we gave people this decision for a year. Let’s say “Hey, if you want to buy stuff in Store 360, we’ll give you a year’s head start, and you can go get that stuff.” And just know that the list of 220 games is something we’re seeing, and we’d love to find solutions to keep playing those games.

Time will tell if Microsoft will find a solution to keep the 220 games available one way or another.

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