May 28, 2024

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'Spoiled brat' elicits a lot of reactions in Dutch 'Dirty rich and poor': 'There is no reason to act this way' |  television

'Spoiled brat' elicits a lot of reactions in Dutch 'Dirty rich and poor': 'There is no reason to act this way' | television

television“What is this? This isn't for me, is it?” Once again, there is a lot to be done about the Dutch program “Dirty Rich and Poor”. In Wednesday's episode, viewers watched how single mother Karen goes to a restaurant with her daughter, Noah. However, the latter's behavior surprised many viewers. “Naughty.”

“Huh?! Are those french fries?” When Noah is served food, she can barely hide her disgust. The little girl is clearly not a fan of Spanish cuisine, because even after tasting it, the Dutch teenager cannot hide her disgust at what is on her plate.

It's hard for fans of the Dutch show to believe Noah's reaction. The girl is subjected to severe criticism on social media. “Spoiled brat” seems unanimous. Although there will also be many people who will defend the Dutch youth. “Don't be too strict. She's very insecure and doesn't know what to do with what's happening to her. She's really been taken out of her comfort zone, which is hard for a teenager.” Another viewer pointed the finger at SBS6. “Why are you posting this part?” someone asks out loud. “Anything related to ratings and views on Instagram…”

In Wednesday's episode, we got to know Cyntha van Marwijk. The latter lives with her family in a beautiful separate villa in Spain. The woman runs the successful website “”, a language course where you can learn Spanish in 30 hours. Her daughter Nina is also doing well. She also launched her own company with “Spanish for KIDS”. Single mother Karen and her daughter Noa have never set foot on Spanish soil before. Mother and daughter have to make ends meet on a small weekly budget. Without facilities such as a clothing bank and warehouse, they will not be able to meet their expenses on their own.

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