May 30, 2024

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Standard cannot brighten the playoffs with its first victory: STVV comes to collect a point from Sclessin

Standard cannot brighten the playoffs with its first victory: STVV comes to collect a point from Sclessin



  1. 13' – Goal – Ryoya Ogawa (0 – 1)
  2. 23' – Yellow – Zahir Al-Islam coffee
  3. 37' – Yellow – Matthias Delorge Knepper
  4. 41' – continued. Musa Djenebo by William Balikwesha
  1. 63' – Goal – Jonathan Banzo (1 – 1)
  2. 67' – Continue. Zahir al-Islam Coffee by Fatih Kaya
  3. 67' – Continue. Joselvo Barnes by Jarren Stuckers
  4. 71' – continued. Jarni Stokers by Abubakar Quetta
  5. 77' – Continue. Kamal Swah by Jehan Janak
  6. 77' – Continue. Jonathan Panzo to Marlon Fossey
  7. 84' – Continue. Ryutaro Ito by Olivier Dumont
  8. 84' – Continue. Adriano Bertacchini by Frederic Annano

Jupiler Pro League – Round 6 – 04/27/24 – 6:15 PM

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Ryoya Ogawa

0 – 1

Ryoya Ogawa



Jonathan Banzo


Jonathan Banzo

1 – 1

Even after 6 days of games, Standard still has to wait for their first three-pointer in the playoffs. The Rouches had to split the spoils with STVV on Saturday evening after a 1-1 draw.

Standard – STVV in short:

  • Key moment: In the last minute, Standard saw a penalty kick missed by VAR. So it remains to wait for the victory of Leko and his comrades.
  • Man of the match: He held his own before the end of the first half and excelled after that with his attacking capabilities. Panzo was the best man on the field.
  • distinct: Standard draws for the fifth time in a row. This equals the club's record from twenty years ago.
  • statistics: STVV wants to go to Liège. The Limburgers are unbeaten in six consecutive matches in Sclessin. Standard's last victory dates back to August 2018.

STVV is clinical, and standard is easy

There's not much at stake for both Standard and STVV this season. Soon there was a moment of loss of concentration.

After only two minutes, Yeboah almost took advantage of a defensive error. Van Helden responded very weakly to Suzuki. He kicked straight into the rush. The bounce bounced widely.

There were much fewer sloppy things after that, and STVV also started to play nice football at times.

The smart attack on several stations ended at Ogawa about fifteen minutes later. The Japanese hit the ball past the new Ebolo in two attempts.

The lead was real and Limberger's team fell back into their own half. However, the easy standard never got beyond a few chances.

The fact that Djenepo was taken off before half-time was an indicator.

day and night

We don't know what Ivan Leko said during the break. But it was immediately clear that he was having an impact. Standard started the second half crazy.

Each time the danger came from the wings, via Banzo or Price. STVV got away very well when Van Helden saw a sharp cross bounce through his leg and onto the post rather than into his own net.

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But about an hour later, the deserved equalizer was finally achieved. Panzo was completely alone on the corner kick and easily scored the goal to make it 1-1.

Then the pace of the match disappeared somewhat, until it escalated again in the last minute.

Sclessin jumped when referee Boterberg awarded a penalty kick for handball by Janssens. But a minute later, the VAR overturned the decision (correctly) due to a pushing error from Kanga.

So there is no last minute victory. Standard remains winless in the playoffs.

Stage after stage

End: 1-1

end of the match. No penalty and therefore no winner. Standard remains winless in the playoffs. STVV comes to terms with split points.

No penalty!

While Yeboa and Kanga argue over who will take the penalty kick, Buterberg goes to the screen. Result: Error pressing Janssens. The decision was reversed.


There is still a chance! Chanak throws a cross into the penalty area. Wolke Janssens jumps into the game and hits the ball with his arm. penalty!

Not a shot, but a cross. Smits can be easily relieved.

4- Extra time

An additional 4 minutes will be added.

Standard scores another free-kick in an interesting position, about five meters outside the sixteen.

Will there be another winning goal from heaven? That doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. With this result, Standard equaled a club record: five consecutive matches.

Kanak's replacement is also looking forward to it. With a flashy quirk, he put Vanuisimael in the wrong position. His shot is much lower and ends up in a set of legs.

Eto'o tries again. This time substitute Fossey throws himself in front of the ball.

There was STVV again. Eto'o presses a defender on the edge of the box and is able to swing while tripping. Not a bad attempt, but broad.

45 second raid

Substitute Steuckers gets the ball first and takes the lead. Panzo works in the corner, but the Belgian stays on the floor after that. The game is over immediately. The striker clearly landed badly and had to be helped off the field.


There's a deserved draw! Panzo is completely free and heads a great corner from Kawabe past Suzuki.

Banzo and Price regularly send dangerous crosses into the back of the defence. The difference with the standard before the break is night and day.

An interesting opening phase in the second half, with many shots towards the Suzuki cage.

And again two chances for Standard. For now, STVV holds its own.

There was almost a cap over the nose. Epolo has to hit a long shot and see how Bertaccini can't frame the ball after that. Short electric shock through Sclessin.

STVV gets away well

There's a standard again on the left! The equalizer this time seemed to be a reality, but the strange thing was that the ball bounced off the post off Van Helden's knee!

Ten seconds have passed and the best chance of the match is in favor of Standard. A sharp cross that was missed by someone else. The price can't outpace the Suzuki on the rebound either.

First half: 0-1

We're going to rest. Standard has tried its best to make something happen, but STVV's lead is not unreasonable. It will be interesting to see what the home team can do after the break.

With peace on the horizon, STVV arrives once again. Bertaccini reaches the back line and crosses. Ito tries to shoot, but he cannot threaten Epolo.

5- Extra time

An additional 5 minutes will be added.

(Still) No card for Smits

Matte Smets arrives pretty late and seems to hit Sowah a bit. Potterberg keeps his cards in his pocket. The young defender has not received a single card in his professional career (53 matches).

Jinbo can rest now

Strange decision. Leko steps in before half-time and takes Djenepo to the side. Palequisha should bring improvement.

DeLorge drops his foot and takes a yellow. The young Belgian will miss the match against Westerlo on Friday.

Standard is clearly the better team now. STVV withdraws.

Steve Winnants

Suzuki is having a bit of a tough time.

I have to say: After that first chance and first goal, things have been a bit slow at STVV for a while now. Standard are currently unable to convert their possession into real chances.

Suzuki is back on the mat with a little pain, but he can continue again. Sophomore goalkeeper Coppins has already tied his laces.

Jeboah presides

Banzo sends a wonderful cross into the penalty area. Yeboah can head freely, but he can't keep the ball low. Liege's best attack in the match.

The home team is pressing the accelerator. STVV has to bounce back a bit, but is holding on for now. Then the owners tried it with a long-range shot.

This can be done with duct tape, new shoes, and grimace. But Suzuki will remain under the bar for now.

STVV players are allowed to celebrate early in the match.

There is 0-1!

Great goal from Truienaras! The attack starts with goalkeeper Suzuki and ends with Ogawa after many stops. He got the ball past Ebolo twice.

For now, Genepo should limit himself to defense. The Malian has already missed two corner kicks.

Right now, the game is finding it hard to shake the “end of the season” feeling. Standard plays only for its supporters. They haven't been able to beat STVV at home since 2018. It's still a statistic they'd like to put an end to.

First attack by STVV. The Limbergers take a corner kick, but it doesn't buy anything.

Not just a huge mistake

Almost a case of Morris! Van Helden is playing very short on Suzuki. The goalkeeper shoots the ball hard into Yeboah's midfield. The bounce bounces wide.

Whether it counts or not, Sclessin still has his hands full tonight. Will he inspire the team to sack again?

We'll start in five minutes.

We want to give opportunities to young players. Bodart's injury is the perfect opportunity to give Ebolo a chance. He played a solid season in SL16 in the second division.

Ivan Leko (Standard coach)

We didn't have an easy time against Standard in the first leg. We will do our best to win today.

Thorsten Fink (STV Coach)

STVV position. Van Helden is back from injury and comes into the team for Godot. Ogawa, Barnes and Bertacchini replace Bukat, Stickers and Queta.

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Home team XI. Ivan Leko gives promising young goalkeeper Ebolo his debut. Others appear at the base for the first time since February.

No. 1 Bodart has a minor injury.

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There was so much to experience at Stayen. A final comeback with goals from Bertaccini and Kaya ensured that Standard would eventually come home with just one point. 10 minutes before the final whistle, the score was 1-3 in favor of Roche.

There's not much at stake

Standard are second-to-bottom in the European qualifiers, with STVV also 9 points behind leaders Ghent. So there's not much at stake tonight. Will a match without pressure provide a great spectacle in Liège?

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