March 4, 2024

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“Start your engines”: Announcing the second season of the Belgian “Drag Race” |  television

“Start your engines”: Announcing the second season of the Belgian “Drag Race” | television

televisionThe Belgian version of the popular talent show “RuPaul's Drag Race” is getting a second season. This was just confirmed through a teaser on social media. Just like in season one, Canadian drag queen Rita Baja will serve as host. “Drag Race Belgique” can be streamed via Tipik.

In the “Drag Race” franchise, different drag queens compete against each other to win the coveted crown as our country's drag star. The first season was won by amazing talent Drag Queen, but now host Rita Baga is searching for Belgium's next superstar.

The first teaser announcing the second season was shared on the show's official Instagram channel. Rita Baga, once again the host of Drag Race Belgique, we hear saying “Come on honey, let the sun shine!The audio commentary lets us know that new episodes will soon be available via RTBF's streaming service, Tipik.

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Flemish drag queens

Although “Drag Race Belgique” is actually a spin-off of the beloved Walloon series, the first season also features several Flemish queens. Grindr's Susan from Ghent even made it to the final and won bronze. According to insiders, the new season will once again feature several Flemish queens, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

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Antwerp's drag queen, Vanessa Van Cartier, also won the second season of our northern neighbours' Drag Race format, 'Drag Race Netherlands'. All the more reason to believe there is some serious talent hidden in our Flemish drag queens.

It is not yet known when new episodes of “Drag Race Belgique” will be available to stream.

Rita Baga of “Canada's Drag Race” hosts the Belgian version of “RuPaul's Drag Race”

Drag queen Vanessa from Cartier writes autobiography: “When my breasts grew, my father said: ‘I never want to see you or hear your voice again.’” (+)

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