June 18, 2024

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Stephen van Gucht: “Corona waves are expected until spring” |  interior

Stephen van Gucht: “Corona waves are expected until spring” | interior

Corona VirusThe The current aura wave seems to be slowing down Coronavirus numbers may stabilize soon, but respiratory virus season is just beginning. “The cycle of cascading waves, ripples and plateaus is likely to remain a reality in fall and winter and possibly even early spring,” predicts virologist Stephen Van Gucht.

And the virologist stressed during a press conference that the Corona virus cannot yet be considered an endemic or natural virus. Corona still seemed to have great contagious power and cause more diseases than influenza.

“We can continue to expect the pressure from the coronavirus to continue in the coming weeks and months,” the virologist said. The growing burden on healthcare is still projected as well “but not as massive or accelerating as in some previous waves”.

new variables

New waves could also arise from new variants of Covid-19. “It is likely that in a few weeks, the current corona variant (BA.5) will be discontinued and replaced with one or perhaps several new variants,” van Gucht says.

“For example, a new BQ1 variant already accounts for 10 percent of infections and is rapidly assuming more importance. The emergence of such a new variant could again stimulate an increase in corona numbers.”

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