May 28, 2024

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Steuven's Girlfriend Diaries: 'The Shit Got Real' |  cycling world championship

Steuven’s Girlfriend Diaries: ‘The Shit Got Real’ | cycling world championship

Last night I took Jasper to the Belgians’ Hotel in Mechelen. Then I had a feeling: shit became real.

The last time I saw him was until after the race, but we used to say goodbye a lot. I told him he should enjoy it above all else. Will not experience this again, the World Cup in his region.

We don’t have any stress yet, but things are starting to come alive here in Leuven since this morning. Jasper now also understands that from now on it’s real.

I also went this morning to enjoy the atmosphere in downtown Leuven. I have to do everything now on foot, because it is still difficult to pass by car.

Along the way I saw many children cheering. These kids went crazy with every cyclist that passed by. That was great.

I also went to pick up about 60 Jasper fan hats. I took him to the restaurant where we are going to sit on Sunday. She says, “Yes, a local hero.” At first I wanted to keep it a surprise, but 3 days ago I told him anyway.

Because that’s what makes the World Cup so great. You are usually alone somewhere outside during the World Cup, but now you can experience it with everyone around you. The atmosphere would be phenomenal, I could hardly imagine it.

(read below picture)

In the next few days Jasper will share a room with Wout. They get along well, they have been friends for a long time.

I don’t really know what he does in his spare moments, because I’m never really there. I suspect he’s watching some Netflix and chatting a bit with Wout.

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I’m also a very good friend of Watt’s wife Sarah. And I also know Astrid, Eve’s friend very well. We send each other regular messages. There’s no point in breeding each other now, though.

I’ll explore the path soon. Together with Cameron Vandenbrooke, Frank’s daughter, we supervise a group of students from Deloitte. We are driving 60 kilometers, which should work. Although it is a difficult course!

Jasper is also doing a poll today with the Belgian team. I don’t think I’ll have to give him any tips after that. Nobody knows this path better than him.

see you tomorrow!