April 16, 2024

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Steven Spielberg's new Dutch yacht (109 metres) almost complete

Steven Spielberg’s new Dutch yacht (109 metres) almost complete

Last year, legendary director Steven Spielberg finished his former 86-meter Man of Steel yacht. Seven Seasafter Steven Spielberg’s seven children, For sale for 130 million euros† Not because the 75-year-old was tired of hunting, but because apparently he needed an upgrade.

Steven Spielberg remains loyal to the Dutch shipyard

Steven Spielberg hit again in the Oceanco van Ali Al-Browanik for his new hunt. On March 11, his new sailing slop, under the name Y720, left the shed in the Alblasserdam. “The owner played a key role in the design process, making the Y720 a very special yacht,” Oceanco said in a press release.

At least 109 meters long, 16 meters wide, and four stories tall, the Y720 is an Oceanco landmark. The first phase of construction took place at the subsidiary Oceanco in Zwijndrecht, after which the yacht was finally completed at the headquarters in Alblasserdam.

Eye-catching details in the design

The interior design was provided by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, while the naval architecture was designed by Lateral Naval Architects. The mega yacht has been designed with technologically advanced environmental systems that go beyond current regulations.

No matter its size, the yacht stands out due to the impressive amount of glass. The main deck as well as the bridge and upper decks are all completely enclosed by large glass windows.

Celebrities with their nautical wishes

Oceano is busy with celebrity orders. They are also currently working on the three-chip Y721. Dedicated to the second richest man on earth: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Perhaps he did not escape your notice that at that time the Rotterdam de Heave bridge had to be temporarily dismantled, at the expense of the American, so that the ship could be moved.

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In the past, yachts were also handed over to other celebrities such as Nancy Walton, the heiress Walmart (Yacht Kaos), Jerry Jones, owner of the US soccer team Dallas Cowboys (Yacht Bravo Eugenia) and Arthur M. Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot (Yacht DreAMBoat).