February 28, 2024

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Stop by the city’s new data centers: “Space on the electricity grid is scarce.”

Stop by the city’s new data centers: “Space on the electricity grid is scarce.”

The municipality will not allow new data centers in the future, unless they have a direct interest in Amsterdam and meet the new sustainability requirements. The reason is the lack of space in the city and on the electricity grid.

For example, a data center may still be permitted if it relocates due to the arrival of a new residential area. Current requests and current initiatives fall within the old municipal system.

Councilor Reinier van Dantzig (Housing): “Space in Amsterdam is scarce. Not just the physical space, but also the space on the power grid. We want to grow sustainably through data centers that directly benefit the city. These new plans make that possible.”

The city has several clusters of data centers. The most important ones are located in the Science Park and in the business sector near Amstel III. Discussions are underway with various data centers about sustainable interventions when it comes to heating and cooling. Data centers make an important contribution to the field of computing power for science, for example.

The new rules will likely come into force in the second quarter of 2024. Since November, it has been no longer possible to apply for a data center.

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