March 5, 2024

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Storm Isha sweeps the Netherlands: 130 flights have already been canceled in Schiphol |  outside

Storm Isha sweeps the Netherlands: 130 flights have already been canceled in Schiphol | outside

Storm Isha hit northwestern Netherlands last night. As of 8 a.m. on Monday, the KNMI, the Dutch counterpart to the KMI, issued a code orange for the province of North Holland and the Wadden region. 130 flights were canceled at Schiphol Airport.

The peak of the storm began in the second half of last night and continues with the beginning of the morning rush hour. This is expected to be more difficult than usual.

Last night at 10pm, code yellow was introduced, for wind speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Very strong winds are expected, with speeds ranging between 100 and 110 kilometers per hour, especially in the provinces of North Holland and the Wadden region. Winds will also blow inland, but at a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

As of mid-morning Monday, the danger had passed and the winds began to die down quickly. According to the Dutch news site Weeronline, the showers will also disappear when the winds die down.

Flights have been cancelled

A spokeswoman for Dutch airline KLM said on Sunday that the company would cancel at least 65 flights on Monday. According to the airline, these destinations are located within Europe.

Schiphol Airport, near Amsterdam, also warned passengers of the consequences of the storm. “Flights to and from Schiphol may experience delays or cancellations. “We find it disturbing for the passengers affected by this,” the airport said in X. A total of 130 flights have been cancelled.

Air traffic control in the Netherlands (LVNL) issued a limited runway capacity for Schiphol Airport on Monday after the storm.

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Temporarily closing the British nuclear complex

The storm had already caused significant damage in the British Isles. In Belfast, Northern Ireland, one person was injured by falling debris, and at least 170,000 homes and businesses were without power in Ireland on Sunday evening. At Dublin Airport, 148 flights were cancelled: 75 arriving and 73 departing. Another 35 flights were diverted to other airports. At Cork Airport, 10 flights were cancelled: 4 arriving and 6 departing. Train and bus services were also disrupted, including by falling trees.

The Sellafield nuclear complex, located near the town of Seascale on the Irish Sea in the northwest of the UK, has halted operations following severe weather warnings from Isha. Sellafield is currently used to store Britain's stockpile of plutonium and highly radioactive waste, according to the BBC.

Business is expected to resume as usual on Monday. In an update to staff, the UK government said that “there are currently no safety or security concerns associated with this suspension.”

The biggest problems from the Ishaa storm are expected to continue into Monday morning.

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