March 5, 2024

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strange!  Princess Diana's butler claims she was haunted by her ghost: 'It was in our bedroom' |  Property

strange! Princess Diana's butler claims she was haunted by her ghost: 'It was in our bedroom' | Property

PropertyPaul Burrell, 65, the late Princess Diana's butler, is convinced that her ghost is haunting him. In an episode of Celebrity Help! 'My House is Haunted' Paul claims he and his husband Graham Cooper are experiencing unexplained paranormal activity at their home in Cheshire, England.

Paul Burrell is convinced that Princess Diana haunts his house. For example, he hears strange noises and the smell of tobacco sometimes enters the house, even though Paul and his husband do not smoke. The former butler constantly believes that he is being visited by the ghost of the princess. “I think if anyone could come back it would be the princess. If she wanted to tell me something, I think she would come to me.”

The saga begins as Paul recounts a number of terrifying, inexplicable events that have plagued him and his husband, Graham, over the years. “My husband woke up one time at three in the morning, sat up in bed and shouted, ‘There’s someone in the room, I see someone at the foot of the bed.’” When Burrell woke up with a start, he saw it himself. “It was a shape or something like that,” he says. .

The former butler says paranormal activity in his home has increased over the years and claims he was contacted by Princess Diana. Other strange phenomena observed by Paul and Graham in their home include the smell of tobacco smoke and recurring noises in their upstairs bedroom. In the programme, paranormal expert Ian Loman contacts the spirit of Princess Diana. She would answer the call with: “I'm here. Sorry.”

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Burrell worked as Princess Diana's personal butler from 1987 until her death. He later released a memoir about his time working for the royal family.

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