April 21, 2024

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Binnenkijken bij Britt (12)

Student Brett, 20, lives in a former warehouse in Colehaven

The students now live in a former warehouse in Coolhaven. Twenty-year-old Brett is one of them. She has practically arranged her seventeen square meter room and there are many used plants. “I snap it on Facebook.”

Brett has been living in the building for two years city ​​life She lives with David’s roommate. Each student has his own room. They share the kitchen, shower and toilet. “We have our own refrigerator,” she says.

Recycled finds and used plants

Britt’s room looks neat and tidy, with something different in every corner. “I found zoning difficult, because it’s really a square loft.” On one side is the dining table, opposite the sofa. Her bed is on the other side of the room and her clothes are hanging on a shelf behind the door. “I don’t have much and half of it is stored under my bed. I alternate that in summer and winter.”

Almost everything in the room is black or white, only the green sofa and plants add color. “I don’t like the color,” she says. Score an original Brit sofa in a second-hand shop in Kralingen. “It was only forty euros and I’m very happy with it! It’s also nice and soft, so friends sleep in regularly.” A small table for her standard player and a Roman column on which a Brit TV stands also come from the course.

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Mother of the plant

Recording used things Brett likes. “I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Most of my plants come from Rotterdam Plant Asylum Facebook page. I take good care of them, in the summer they often get a new pot and soil. This winter, I’m going to Thailand for an extended period of time and I’m not sure who to ask to water them. I’m really nervous about that! She is proud of her big Monstera. “This is like the barrier between my sofa and my bed.”

Graphic designer and city ​​host

In addition to studying it Shift design Brit updates at the Willem de Kooning Academy CityHub On Witte de Withstraat: a hotel where you rent a small cabin as a room. “I city ​​hostWhich means I talk to the guests and give them tips about the city. Where can they eat and what can they do in Rotterdam, for example. It’s very comfortable, I often go out with guests in the summer when they go out.

Brett also works as a freelance graphic designer. Logos and menus are made, among other things. “I just made the logo for the new restaurant, Casa Thai. That now hangs in a lighted sign on the Witte de Withstraat!” Her designs can be seen in more places, since she’s been developing posters for an online shop for a while. In her house there is also a house on the wall: a martini glass with olives in it.

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Brett loves living in the West. She has a beautiful view of Coolhaven from her room and loves going to the beautiful places in the area. “I like to be with tea plant To work with my laptop, but it always ends up being more expensive than I thought. Because everything is delicious there.” She loves to drink beer in the evenings Stein’s Café Or does she go to parties? extravagance. “I’d like to go too Dizzy Jazz CaféBecause there is always live music there. If you want something more than just a drink this is the perfect place. Students from Codarts always perform on Tuesdays.”

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Britt is happy with her room in Stadswonen and hopes to be able to live there for a while. “Monthly costs are much lower than condos, so that’s fine.” She also enjoys spending time with her roommate, David. “He’s been living here for six months now and we’re clicking. We go out together, like each other’s friends and he also works at CityHub now.” And as housemates, they find a good distribution in the family. “He washes the dishes and I clean the bathroom!”

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