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Summer 2022 sports calendar: much more than just the Tour de France |  Other news

Summer 2022 sports calendar: much more than just the Tour de France | Other news

On Thursday, the next summer’s Tour tournament was presented in Paris, one for the men and one for the women. Good for a month of racing. But racing is far from the only thing you can expect at Sporza during the summer of 2022. An overview.

Before this sports summer, we are preparing for the beautiful spring of cycling, but also for the spring Winter Olympics. It will be held in Beijing from Friday 4 to Sunday 20 February.

And if you thought that was the end of 2022, you are very wrong. Below you will find a list of all the major sporting events planned.

All events You can continue at sporza Both exist TV, radio and internet. Exact live and broadcast times will be announced in the preceding days.

June 2022
Monday 20 June – Sunday 26 June 3×3 Basketball World Cup in Antwerp
July 2022
Friday 1 July – Sunday 24 July Tour de France (men)
Wednesday 6 July – Sunday 31 July European Women’s Football Championship (red flame)
Friday 15 July – Sunday 24 July WK atletiek in Oregon (VS)
Sunday 24 July – Sunday 31 July Tour de France (women’s)
August 2022
Thursday, August 11 – Sunday, August 21 European Championships in Munich (EC athletics, EC gymnastics, EC cycling, …)
Friday 19 August – Sunday 11 September tour in Spain
Autumn 2022
Thursday 1 September – Sunday 18 September EC Men’s Basketball (with Belgian Lions)
Friday 23 September – Monday 3 October Women’s Basketball World Cup in Australia (Belgium has not yet qualified for the Cats)
Friday 23 September – Sunday 15 October Volleyball World Cup Netherlands and Poland (with Yellow Tigers)
Saturday 29 October – Sunday 6 November WK Turnen in Liverpool
Monday 21 November – Sunday 18 December World Cup Qatar
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