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Sunday night blues for work week?  It seems you are not the only one

Sunday night blues for work week? It seems you are not the only one

Do you see a mountain on Sunday evening versus the next work week? Or do you feel afraid? It seems you are not alone. Such fears on Sunday evenings are a serious matter, especially among the younger generation. But there are tricks to defying this Sunday night blues.

We give you tips to deal with that.

Feelings of anxiety on Sunday evening of the next work week

A 2018 survey by business platform LinkedIn showed that 80 percent of workers experience Sunday night anxiety. Millennials and Generation Z seem to suffer the most from these fears, about 90 percent. Plus, the upcoming work week, impending work pressure, pending tasks, and personal work goals cause headaches the evening before. This type of anxiety can lead to anxiety or feelings of distress and irritability. You may also experience abdominal pain.

Tricks against the Blues on Sunday night

The real Sunday evening blues, call it Our British subway-peers The. It turns out that for many workers these fears were allayed when they were allowed to work from home. But now that we go to the office more often, there’s a greater chance that the blues will return on Sunday evening. Ending the week with such a turbulent and overwhelming feeling is not a pleasant thing. But can you do something about it? Yes, a few simple tricks may provide some calm and relief from a Sunday night dip.

1. Admit it

There are many ways you can try to suppress your tense feelings. But according to therapist Juliette Mullen, these ideas are best accepted. What are you afraid of? And what are the things you are most afraid of? Mullen advises listing your concerns and perhaps thinking about solutions up front, making the workday more manageable. She says negative feelings get worse if you ignore them.

2. Be kind to yourself

Mullen explains that on such an anxious Sunday, a “fight or flight” situation kicks in. She recommends starting Monday quietly. “People tend to focus on Monday with all their energy from the weekend. It is important to distribute that energy.”

3. Make Sunday Night More Fun

This doesn’t mean you have to slouch terribly to put up with a gritty Monday, but some relaxing activities do wonders. Something you love or what you can look forward to, so it won’t be that Sunday night depressing needs to be. warm bath? Movie night? Homemade dinner or order? It can make Sunday evenings more fun.

4. Sleep

It’s not new that a good night’s sleep works miracles. But sleeping peacefully is very important. Make sure the room you sleep in is tidy. This creates a sense of order before you fall asleep. It can also be helpful to make a “to-do list” before bed. Write on it all the things you need to do on Monday. This way you don’t have to worry about these things in bed anymore.

5. Preparation

Pack your work bag, prepare lunch, and if necessary, get your clothes ready. This way you don’t have to stress about these things in the morning and you don’t have to rush.

6. Start Monday with something you love

Music? to exercise? Your favorite breakfast? Choose an activity that makes you happy at the start of Monday. In addition to starting the work week on a positive note, you also have something to look forward to on Sunday evening.

7. Adjustments to your work schedule

Don’t schedule the toughest tasks, tough deadlines, or tough meetings on Mondays. On Mondays, be kind to yourself and choose the simpler tasks.

8. Talk to friends

There may be someone in your area who feels the same way on a Sunday night. Talk about it with each other. You can even choose to send each other an encouraging message at the start of the work week.

9. Talk to a therapist

If all of the above tricks don’t help, it might be wise to call in an expert. A psychiatrist or therapist can discuss with you where your anxious feelings are coming from.

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Do you experience “Sunday evening blues” in the work week? You are not alone and this is how you deal with it

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