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Superfan Ann-Marie shows her three Ford Fiestas: 'This is a pocket missile' |  Mobility

Superfan Ann-Marie shows her three Ford Fiestas: ‘This is a pocket missile’ | Mobility

Can you fall in love with the car model? This is how it is with Annemarie Docter of Perlar. She has driven Ford Fiestas for twelve years and now has three in her fleet. Because the manufacturer goes after 47 years Stop With production, VTM NIEUWS is taking a spin.


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“It’s good material, goes really well as you sit firmly,” says Anne-Marie. “You can also drive in a sporty way, and you don’t have the feeling that you’re driving a fairground car.” It has two red and two gray fests, including one that drives much steeper. “This is a pocket missile,” she laughs.

Ford makes way for the Fiesta Show for electric cars, but Anne-Marie hopes to be around for a long time with its petrol and diesel cars. “Maybe I won’t be able to buy new cars, but now I’m confident I can go on for another thirty years with the cars I own now.”

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