May 24, 2024

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Suspected bank robber rescued from self-drilling tunnel in Rome after eight hours |  Abroad

Suspected bank robber rescued from self-drilling tunnel in Rome after eight hours | Abroad

A suspected thief was rescued from a self-dug tunnel in the Italian capital, Rome, on Thursday. Perhaps it was intended to rob a bank with his accomplices. The tunnel collapsed on him. The man was held for eight hours and then released and taken to hospital. This was confirmed by the Italian military police or “carabinieri”.


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The gendarmes stressed that the investigation is still ongoing, but they do not “rule out the possibility that they are thieves.” It seems that “this is one of the hypotheses”. The thieves dug the tunnel under an empty shop and supposedly had their eyes on a nearby bank. During the OLV Ascension weekend, Italian stores are traditionally closed. They may want to take advantage of that.

While digging the tunnel, the roof collapsed. The man shouted: “Help me, set me free!” Then the emergency services dug a second tunnel to save the man.

Oxygen and fluids

While he was underground, they gave him oxygen and fluids. Just before 8 p.m., firefighters and specialists searching for earthquake victims brought the man outside. The victim was taken to the hospital. No details were disclosed about his condition.

“Two Neapolitans were arrested for resisting an official, and two Romans were arrested for causing damage, one of whom was in the tunnel and is currently in the hospital,” the gendarmerie said.

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Italian emergency services dug a second tunnel and gave the victim oxygen and fluids. © AFP