June 14, 2024

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T-Mobile brings Multisim calling with your Apple Watch without a smartphone on hand

T-Mobile brings Multisim calling with your Apple Watch without a smartphone on hand

T-Mobile offers Multisim. With this new service, T-Mobile customers can use cellular Apple Watch models to make calls and use the Internet over 4G, without having to carry a smartphone. The new service is suitable for customers using iPhone and Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) and links both devices with the same phone number and subscription. Multisim can be ordered from October 29 and available from Friday, November 5.

Until today, calling on an Apple Watch in the Netherlands was only possible by pairing an iPhone nearby. With Multisim, T-Mobile allows customers to go out without putting their iPhone in their pocket and still be online and using it via their Apple Watch. The costs associated with this are aggregated into one monthly invoice. T-Mobile emphasizes on its website that Multisim is also interesting to entrepreneurs.

using eSim

T-Mobile Multisim links iPhone and Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) via eSims – electronically integrated SIM cards – to the same phone number. A call arrives on both devices at the same time until it is answered on one of the devices. The data can be used on both devices at the same time. For example, customers can browse the web on their iPhone while replying to messages via their Apple Watch.

Leo Hensen, Director of Marketing and Communications at T-Mobile Netherlands: “Thanks to T-Mobile Multisim, consumers can finally take full advantage of their Apple Watch and always stay connected in the way that works for them.”

Available from October 29

Multisim subscriptions can be ordered beginning Friday, October 29, along with the cellular model of the Apple Watch Series 7 for customers with a Go subscription. Both will be available starting Friday, November 5th. Customers who already own a cellular model of Apple Watch can get a Multisim subscription starting November 5. A Multisim subscription costs €5 per month.

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